Fire Systems by Aquarius

Integrated Safety and Security Electronic Services

Fire Detection

An electronic early warning detection system to safeguard property and lives.

(A panel is installed that connects different devices that detects and warns for fires, eg Smoke detectors, Sirens/Strobes, Heat detectors, line relays and interface units)

Access Control

A security solution that gives you detailed control over the physical security of your business.

(Access control system installed to monitor who comes in and out your business eg, setting up tags to enter a premises, installing card reader to allow access etc)

PA Systems

Gets connected to the Fire Detection system. Its gives you an audible warning to evacuate a building if a fire condition occurs. This can also be used as an announcement system.

CCTV Cameras

Its a Video Surveillance system. Video cameras is used to transmit video signal to a certain amount of Monitors. This is used for real time monitoring of business premises or specified areas.

Intruder Alarms

Its a system designed to detect intrusion eg, burglar home alarm systems

All of the above can be integrated into a Buildings BMS systems (Building Management System)

Our Client Work

Clover:  Repairs and Installation of fire detection system

Lentegeur Hospital: Installation of new Nurse call system

Radie Kotze Hospital Piketberg: Repairs to CCTV system and Fire detection

UCT: Installation and repairs to Fire detection systems. Installation, maintenance and servicing of CCTV systems.


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